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A course in professional skin creation for Thesis 2.1

This course is fast paced and packed with great info

This course, as with all of Rick’s courses, is fast paced and packed with great info. His teaching style guides you through the entire Thesis skin development process. Because he is building the site throughout the course, you don’t simply get instructions. You are exposed to a ‘real world’ scenario where things don’t always work correctly the first time and the methods for trouble shooting.

After taking two of Rick’s premium courses along with hundreds of hours learning from, I have to say that this is where the true value lies. It’s relatively easy to follow directions from a manual or an instructor, but when there is an error in your code or fundamental issue with the task at hand, you learn how to track them down and the process for coming up with a solution.

If you are serious about learning Thesis skin development, this course is by far the best and most complete you will find.

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