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A course in professional skin creation for Thesis 2.1

I had ZERO php knowledge prior the course

It is probably my first testimonial I am ever giving. Maybe it’s because I am too demanding towards vendors, and nothing really strikes me so that I want to give a positive feedback. But with Rick Anderson, and his Professional Thesis Skin Development course particularly, it is a different story.

This course was so beyond my expectations that I cannot not to give a testimonial on it. Let me try to structure why this course was so good and for me.

I think there are 3 major reasons, which make this course unmatchable on the thesis and wordpress marketplace.

1. Rick’s knowledge of OOP php, wordpress, html and css

I’ve been byob member for 1.5 year and had number of various and very technical questions. Never was Rick unable to answer a question. Sometimes it seems to me impossible to know so many very different things in wordpress, css and html. But Rick always knows the answer.

Frankly, I am waiting when he will say “Ohh… I don’t know, I need to find this out and come back to you later”.

Rick is a true expert in OOP php and will teach you a lot of very technically advance concepts, which are far beyond in their application for thesis skin customization.

After this course, you’ll be able not to just make modern looking thesis skins. You’ll be able to make skins, which are based on high quality neat and organized code.

2. Rick’s talent to teach and explain

This one is probably his most important advantage. When Rick approaches teaching process, he utilizes 3 concepts. Firstly, he structures the course in general and lesson in particular, so that it starts and gives necessary information and knowledge for better, easier and faster understanding. Secondly, Rick presents and explains the material the way that in my opinion anyone is capable to understand. I have big experience in studying…. some of my highly qualified professors at University were far worse in teaching than Rick. Thirdly, he gives examples and he teaches you to think during the programming process.

3. Rick’s personal attitude toward helping his students to grow

This one is like a bonus, but this is a huge bonus. I am moved by how kind this guy is. During the course we had a number of times, when the course was twice in duration that was supposed to be. All was that Rick wanted to make sure that everyone is on the same page and he answers all questions.

Actually, he has the same approach on the byob website. I am not sure that, I’ve come across anywhere else when a vendor a coach gives so much of herself to a customer.


So, if you want to be able yourself to make modern looking thesis skins of a high quality, you will do a mistake if you won’t take this course.

I had ZERO php knowledge prior the course, and know I feel quite confident in coding things, which I need to accomplish.

Lastly, there is probable nothing comparable on the market place, hahaha. Is there anyone who knows and is teaching how to work with thesis?! Nobody, even close. So, you basically have 2 options – you either learn everything yourself and it will take for you few years, or you take this course.

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