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A course in professional skin creation for Thesis 2.1

I am now building my own skin to sell

Value of the class

I had no background in web design, but after taking Rick’s Bootcamp and Skin Dev courses, I am now building my own skin to sell. I am now designing and developing my own professional Thesis skin that I wished I had but didn’t exist. Now I know how to create it on my own, and on top of that, I can make it available for people to buy!

Rick’s skills and knowledge regarding the Thesis skin development are enormous and incredibly cutting edge. Through this course, you are able to have the access to this vast resources Rick provides so generously.

What I liked about the class

All classes are recorded! I can watch over and over as many times as I like for review.
The class notes, files and videos provided!

Rick showed us all the tips and tricks while he was showing us how to develop a skin real time, step by step. We learned how he debugs, what tools he uses and how to use them, etc.

Rick’s teaching style

Rick teaches step by step and records video of everything he teaches so you can just focus on what he is teaching instead taking notes. In my case, this way of learning reduces the unnecessary stress and minimizes the confusion or overwhelm which can happen when learning a large volume of new and sophisticated concepts and skills.

Build your own professional quality skins

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