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A course in professional skin creation for Thesis 2.1

Excellent course that I can highly recommend unreservedly

I signed up for Rick Anderson’s “Professional Skin Development” because it promised that it would enable me to produce commercial-grade Thesis skins for my own use or for sale to other parties.   What I got exceeded my expectations many times over.   I most certainly got everything promised but lots more besides.

If you’ve followed any other courses or shorter sessions from Rick’s excellent  you’ll know he has his own highly effective unique way of showing how to do things, backed up by lots of useful resources.    Professional Skin Development was the same kind of thing but on a much bigger scale.

The course was much more than a how-to guide. It really got into all the how, what and why issues by working through a project to build a state-of-the art Thesis skin that could be deconstructed and reconstructed into other skin designs.   I’ve been able to build my own skin using features I didn’t expect to be able to include.    Rick’s individual support and guidance was always very useful and he is most generous, patient and proactive.

Of course, with so much covered in Professional Skin Development I found myself spending many hours each week following the sessions and then doing the homework exercises followed by extra time on my own project.   I got behind once or twice but because everything is recorded and there are lots of resources  available I was never bothered about that.  I’ll probably be using the course resources for many months to come.

So in a nutshell “Professional Skin Development is an absolutely excellent course that I can highly recommend unreservedly.”


Carl French

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