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A course in professional skin creation for Thesis 2.1

The students loved it!

I had ZERO php knowledge prior the course

It is probably my first testimonial I am ever giving. Maybe it’s because I am too demanding towards vendors, and nothing really strikes me so that I want to give a positive feedback. But with Rick Anderson, and his Professional Thesis Skin Development course particularly, it is a different story. This course was so beyond

I want to have his babies!

Rick’s instruction is top notch and comprehensive!  His help has been invaluable as I create my own skin for sale. His lessons are thorough, and complete.  He not only teaches how to do things, he also teaches how to figure out how to do things yourself.  Plus he’s always there to help problem solve and

The course content was amazingly comprehensive

I think your teaching style is superb! I especially liked to way you don’t hesitate to tackle coding problems in real time during a class so that if you run into a difficulty, you can then take that opportunity to show your students a good example of how to go about debugging such situations. The

This course is fast paced and packed with great info

This course, as with all of Rick’s courses, is fast paced and packed with great info. His teaching style guides you through the entire Thesis skin development process. Because he is building the site throughout the course, you don’t simply get instructions. You are exposed to a ‘real world’ scenario where things don’t always work

I am now building my own skin to sell

Value of the class I had no background in web design, but after taking Rick’s Bootcamp and Skin Dev courses, I am now building my own skin to sell. I am now designing and developing my own professional Thesis skin that I wished I had but didn’t exist. Now I know how to create it

Excellent course that I can highly recommend unreservedly

I signed up for Rick Anderson’s “Professional Skin Development” because it promised that it would enable me to produce commercial-grade Thesis skins for my own use or for sale to other parties.   What I got exceeded my expectations many times over.   I most certainly got everything promised but lots more besides. If you’ve followed any

You can start building your own professional Thesis skin today I want to start Now!