Professional Thesis 2.1 Skin Development header image
A course in professional skin creation for Thesis 2.1

Thesis style PHP programming with OOP

To code properly in Thesis you need to understand Object Oriented Programming.  In this course you will learn all the ins and outs of building a skin, building skin boxes and programming like a pro!

And oh what a bunch of code you’ll write!

When finished the class project skin will have 47 custom skin boxes.  You’ll create boxes that are slideshows and boxes that are sliders.  You’ll create boxes that make it easy for your end user to customize their site.

One of the driving philosophies of this class is to make it easy for your user to customize without having to learn the skin editor!  You’ll learn to do something that no one else does – create parent boxes that collect all of the options in one place while the child boxes use the options.  That may not sound particularly sexy but it will make your skins option panels much easier to navigate.

You’ll learn to reduce repetitive code using OOP

About halfway through the course you will learn to create helper modules (called “classes”) that you can use over and over again in your boxes.  This way you don’t have to write repetitive code.  You can write it once.  If it needs to be changed – change it once.

This is the real power of Object Oriented Programming.  And it’s impossible to find good instruction on it.  There are lots of very basic tutorials – that leave you with nothing useful – and some advanced tutorials that really require you to know it in order to understand the tutorial.

This course fixes that problem.  You’ll use OOP to standardize your secondary queries, OOP to set and sanitize class names, OOP to collect shared options in one place.  You’ll learn to use OOP in ways that are meaningful and specifically tailored to Thesis.

Most Beginners don’t learn secure programming practices.

It is astounding how many tutorials there are out there that would leave your site open to hackers.  In this class we start writing secure code from the very beginning.  And you’ll learn both the Thesis and WordPress tools for keeping your skin secure.

PHP, WordPress and Thesis

You’ll learn 3 types of PHP functions; vanilla PHP, WordPress and Thesis 2.  While PHP is the foundation of the other two, WordPress has hundreds of functions and classes for you to use.  On top of that Thesis also has many of its own.

You’ll learn most of Thesis, a bunch of WordPress and a smattering of vanilla PHP.