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A course in professional skin creation for Thesis 2.1

Complete Mastery of the Thesis API

Thesis has a powerful API that makes many WordPress programming tasks simple.  You’ll learn how to harness the Thesis API to create killer color schemes, build powerful boxes and add Google fonts.

You’ll master the Thesis Skin API

That’s right, we will work with every aspect of the Thesis Skin API – even the stuff that isn’t documented.

This means that you’ll learn how to implement the Thesis Color Scheme API and then extend it to do some very cool color scheme generation.

You’ll learn the Design and Display APIs for creating options that your users can set themselves.

You’ll learn the Thesis CSS API which makes creating CSS options and sanitizing those options a breeze!

You’ll learn most of the Thesis hooks and filters that are useful to skin designers.

You’ll find yourself dreaming about the Options API

We will spend so much time on the Options API that you’ll know it forwards and backwards.  We’ll start with very simple options and progress to very complex options scenarios.

This is no “introduction” to the Options API – you will learn how to use every aspect of it and all of its variations.  What you won’t know about the Options API no one else will know either.

47 Boxes? Yep 47 Boxes!

There is no aspect of the Thesis Box API that you won’t work with.  You’ll create post meta, template options, class options, html options and box options.  You’ll learn very advanced concepts of passing data between boxes and using helper classes to streamline your box code.

You’ll be the best of the best

There aren’t 10 people alive who know as much about the Thesis API as graduates of this class know.  There is no other resource, no other program that can teach you as much as you will learn in this class.